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Shopping in My Sister’s Closet

Chill sister, chill. I’m not taking your stuff. I was playing What Not To Wear today while going through the closets at my parents’ home. There is a lot that should not be worn in them. I was sorting clothing for a spring yard sale (eventually it will all go to Goodwill when no one buys this junk).  I was delighted to find that most of the clothing that my sister and I had abandoned since high school once again fits! Now, I’m not saying things fit exactly the same as it did before, but I can definitely wear a lot of the items I tried on. Of course, I shouldn’t wear most of them because they are horribly out of fashion. Anyone need purple dip-dyed spandex-y glitter pants? I do have several vintage dresses and shirts that I’m itching to take out on the town. Incredibly, a dress I wore in the sixth or seventh grade from the kids’ department also looks cute. I won’t be wearing it as the designer intended it.


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I ran my parents booth at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming, GA last weekend. Yes, Cumming, GA. It was very cold. When I left Saturday it was snowing. Our space is outside. We were the only ones outdoors this month. I spent most of my time bundled up in the car.

I had lots of free time, so I took some pictures of the yard art we sell.



I didn’t have the key, so inside pictures will have to wait, but here is the infamous RV. Sometimes my parents stay in it during the show.


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Ashley and I had another great night out in Atlanta last Friday. Ashley, her sister Melissa, and I ate at my new favorite Indian restaurant, Bhojanic. It was packed for a reason. As we waited for our table at the bar we listened to the live jazz band and indulged in a lychee martini. Delicious. The food was great too.

lychee martini

After our meal, Ashley and I met up with a friend from college who’s brother was DJing at Opera, a club in Midtown. This place was definitely not our typical scene, but it was beautiful, and I enjoyed the mix of class and trashy pop culture. I’ll admit that I kinda liked being a “V.I.P.” You know, not paying a cover and getting into restricted areas was cool with me. The place was huge. The club is an old 1920’s opera house. There were go-go dancers in the main room, and we were lucky enough to be there for a special appearance from a few Playboy models, most notably the Double Shot at Love twins. Ha. What a silly place. They just said hello from a private balcony and then got drunk. Hey, whatever. Some people there obviously didn’t know we are in a recession because they were throwing money from the V.I.P. balcony onto the dance floor below. I wasn’t going to jump for it, but when three one dollar bills floated my way I wasn’t too good to put them in my pocket. We danced until 3am. I obviously had a good time because I lost my ID. Damn. Ashley lost her scarf. A very good night indeed.

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Bad Dog

I love dogs. When I was planning on getting one of my own I decided I wanted a small dog that didn’t shed much. As fate would have it, I ended up with two great big shedding machines. Dad came home almost three years ago with a cardboard box; inside were big paws attached to two furry puppies. He had found the dogs living in a hole in Atlanta. He asked me to pick one. I of course couldn’t split up the pair, and the rest is history. Gilbert and Abbey (Border Collie mixes, we say) are sweet, cuddly little beasts. They are also a pain in the ass.

My parents were just about to head out the door for their trip to a market in Florida last week when they left that door open just a little too long. The dogs saw their chance and took it. Gilbert, like always, came back right away. Abbey is a different story. When she gets out she is impossible to catch. She is the fastest dog I know and maybe the smartest too. She has always been an escape artist. She will dig under or jump over any obstacle. She has jumped over a tall fence from the roof of her doghouse. When I moved the doghouse farther away she just took a running start at the fence and climbed it.

On the afternoon of this particular escape, she ran out into the street trying to get herself killed. I ran right after her with little regard for traffic. Cars stopped for us thankfully, and we created a couple mini-traffic jams in downtown Adairsville. Mom, Dad, a guy from the tax office, construction workers, and a neighborhood teenager all tried to aid me in catching this wild dog. It was after 2pm, but I had the day off, so naturally I wasn’t dressed. I ran all over town in a mismatched t-shirt and Tweety Bird pajama pants. I looked like a crazy person. I should be glad I had the foresight to put on shoes and a bra earlier that day.

More than a half hour of unsuccessful stalking later, I had lost sight of her and was giving up when I spotted two dogs running behind our building. Gilbert was out again! I yelled some choice things then quickly grabbed him. Thankfully he worked as bait for Abbey. She had finished playing outside and was thirsty and ready to go home. When I came in I was bitching about whoever let Gilbert out a second time (turns out he broke through the fence because he wanted to be out with Abbey), but when I got upstairs I saw Dad’s face and shut up.

Dad’s face looked awful thanks to a failed dive attempt at Abbey on gravel. After some protesting, he went to the hospital and had to get 10 stitches. Poor Dad! He looked bad then because of the blood and then the bandages, but he looked worse the next day due to swelling. The day after that he had two black eyes (they were red mostly). He was a little monstrous. He asked me not to put his beat up face on the internet, but to give you an idea we said he looked a bit like Hellboy, a vampire from Buffy, a Cro-Magnon, and a raccoon. He canceled his trip to Florida and had someone else sell for him because he would have scared off customers.

I gave my dogs a bath the day following the escape. It looks like they thought it was a punishment. I was happy to have a bathtub to wash them in instead of a shower only. That used to be a real tough chore.

Abbey bath

Her eyes look crazy.Abbey

Gilbert, post shakeGilbertGilbert pissed off

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The only possible explanation for this is a death in the family. Today we went to my dad’s brother’s funeral. It was sad of course, but my uncle lived a full and happy life. He was almost 81. Being 19 years older than my dad, he was at times like a father to him. He gave my dad his first car, a 55 Ford two door, which Dad promptly wrecked. My uncle was well liked and respected by all. I have never seen a better attended visitation.  He owned and restored many antique cars and belonged to a car club. He was also a Freemason. Looking at the crowd, one of my cousins said she was going to have to join a club.

Today the Masons wore white gloves and had their aprons on over their suits. They looked funny. They did a ceremony at the funeral; like all ceremonies it was kind of strange. It involved holding Masonic staffs pointed over each end of the casket, prayers, a little tasteful chanting, and the giving of symbolic gifts (his apron, etc.) to be buried with my uncle.

It is always unfortunate to come together at such sad times, but it was nice to see all my family. They are the sweetest people I know. I had to remind many of them that I don’t see often which daughter I was, the oldest but not the tallest. I looked quite different at the last family reunion. I was actually told I should bring back the pink hair (fuchsia really). I had forgotten about that.

My dad is the youngest of nine children. He now has three living sisters. He was 37 when I was born, so this means I’m much younger than the rest of my generation on my dad’s side. I discovered that my oldest first cousin is 40 years my senior. A few of my cousins are trying to help me get a job. So far I’ve heard about part time work at the carpet mills and hiring at the new jail. This is not ideal, but I just may consider these options.

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Pork Rinds

My mom cleaned out the cabinet full of junk food and this is about all that is left. Why does any house need FIVE bags of pork rinds?pork rinds

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Well documented fun times in the greater Atlanta area!

Last weekend I met up with two of my best friends from college and a couple new friends to go out in ATL. The theme of the night was “No Men, No Meat!” I love hanging out with other vegetarians. We went to Deep Dish, a vegetarian restaurant, for organic pizza night. It was a cute little earth friendly place that reminded me of Carrboro, NC. Aside from them booking our reservation an hour earlier than we had requested, thus giving away our table and then running out of pizza by the time we had returned from The Corner Tavern it was a good experience. They did have enough dough to make one small garlic and acorn squash pizza on the house (so wonderful, next time I’m eating an entire one myself) to go with our salad and spinach soup (surprisingly delicious AND full of iron).

We honored our “no men” pledge by going to a bar full of men. But, ah, that bar was Mary’s, a super fun, kitschy gay bar popular with the 30’s+ crowd. It happened to be karaoke night, so I sang a little George Michael and stepped in for a less brave friend on an Elton John duet. Kate and I found our Tiny Dancer following to be a group of middle aged lesbians. It was a marvelous night.

Tiny DancerMary's

Friday night I went to a testosterone fueled concert in Marietta with a friend from high school, a friend and neighbor of the band. It was good show, if you like that sort of thing, a lot of people do. It was followed by an after party in Cartersville. I bet you don’t remember it, but Cartersville was the setting of this iconic 2000 film. I hung out with the band (in eyeliner and ripped jeans) and local firefighters (who had just returned from a strip club but were still wearing their firefighter jackets) around the bonfire and drank a Bud Light tallboy. It was a change of pace for me, but all in all fun.

I took this photo at the party because how often do you see a stuffed fox?

stuffed fox

Last night I met Ashley again in Atlanta to see Slumdog Millionaire. LOVED IT! She and I both want to go save the children now. This movie had heart but avoided being sappy. I loved the way they told the story.

It was another ladies’ night, in my opinion the best kind. We had supper at a great mom and pop Thai place, Little Bangkok, hidden in a crappy looking strip mall. I was just a little too confident in ordering my panang curry with tofu “spicy, spicy” instead of medium spicy. My nose ran a little, but you better believe I cleaned my plate. Afterward we went to The Basement Theater where I’m taking an improv class and had some laughs. They did some scandalous scenes inspired by the letters of my name which made me happy.

We really liked the fridge in the bar area.

The Basement Theater

My pretty drink:

red bull sunrise

This morning Ashley and I went to Scott Antique Market. It was too cold for that. I helped my parents pack up.

the chickens

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