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Hello again

I recently caught up with an old friend and roommate I have been missing ever since I moved to North Carolina. Amanda came to visit me with her daughter Lydia and we all had a great time. My parents (suckers for babies) went out the next day and bought a present for the little girl.


I keep running into people I went to high school and college with. This can be kind of awkward. At both of the malls I’ve worked at here I’ve seen someone I knew almost every day. Sometimes they have their kids with them. Sometimes they don’t recognize me. I look a lot different than I did in college when I had short, bright red hair. Often times we don’t remember each others names, but I always say something because pretending I don’t know them is even more awkward. It is just kinda weird, and I would prefer not to deal with it.

I did reminisce with a girl who I took biology with the freshman year of high school. We sat in the front of the classroom in a group of four girls in an otherwise male class. We girls were very good students, but the boys were all jokers and slack-offs. They sat in the very back of the classroom. We did get into the habit of giving our fellow female students the answers to questions we didn’t know on our tests (not like there were many!). See, I wasn’t a complete goody goody. We were very sneaky about this, but once the guys caught on and told on us (because they got in trouble all the time). We all denied it but were told to stay after and clean gum off of the desks. We never ended up doing any scraping. Being a good girl in high school occassionally let you get away with a thing or two.


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