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I hear fall officially began two days ago. Summer, oh summer of a lifetime, I bid you adieu. I haven’t even blogged about Paris yet! And my summer adventures didn’t end when I got back to North America.

The blog and I are working out our problems. It seems I’m afraid of commitment, and the blog has trust issues. How many times do I have to tell you, Facebook and I are just friends?!

Blog, here is my vow, Slacktember will not be followed by Blocktober.

I’m packing for the move to NYC now. I’m very busy and have no idea how I’ll accomplish everything I need to in the time I have. This means I’ll probably be writing more often in order to momentarily escape this moving business. Hey, it’s Slacktember!


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“fox raccoon mix” This was listed under the top searches to find my blog. I wonder, did this person think a fox and a raccoon were able to breed? Red pandas do kinda look like an adorable mix of the two.

red panda

Or less adorable, maybe they were looking for a fur coat. Fox and raccoon combo coats do exist; I found this hideous example. A poncho too, shudder.

ugly ass coat

Or perhaps they were making a hillbilly stew. Or looking for a trendy cocktail recipe. Or searching for an obscure DJ. I’m curious.

I have no idea what they intended to find, but I wonder why any search engine would send them to my blog. I don’t think I’ve spoken once about either of these woodland critters. I haven’t yet mentioned our old dog Suzie, or the origins of her full name, Foxy Suzie Dottie Whittemore Dog. And I haven’t told the story of my sister’s controversial nickname as a baby, Pet Coon. (I swear there is a funny and in no way racist story to back that one up. Guess I had better tell it soon.)

Fox Raccoon Mix Googler, I wish you the best of luck in your quest, whatever it may me.

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Well, today it has stopped at least. It has been soggy and miserable for way too long in North Georgia. CNN’s headline best described the situation, “Hotlanta” becomes “Wetlanta”.

I had to work in it last weekend, and yeah, our booth is outside at Lakewood 400. I spent most of my time sitting in the car waiting on brave customers to occasionally appear. I had somehow forgotten my umbrella, and I soon tired of my plastic poncho. I wasn’t too happy.

While I was merely getting annoyed, other people’s homes (along with schools, businesses, highways, theme parks, you name it) were getting flooded.

The photos are surreal.

ATL flood

Someone found a sense of humor in this. It’s wrong I know, but I had to laugh.

kanye ATL flood

More flood photos: http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/freshloaf/2009/09/21/aerial-photos-of-atlanta-floods/

Thanks Marissa and Jessica for the pics.

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My name in music.

It’s about time a gangsta rap song was named after me! Ha. Oh jeez.

So glad that my name rhymes with “neck me” and is now slang for oral sex. Lovely.

There was already a country song, “Rebecca Lynn” by Bryan White. It is just slightly different in theme. Ha. Sentimental and very cheesy.

Neither is my ringtone. Now if there was a mash-up…

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