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Miss You Much

I’m leaving tomorrow! Finally! I stayed around Georgia a little extra time to take care of some things, make some more money, humor my mother, and blah, blah, blah. There is a slight chance that I was just maybe a little bit scared too, but I’m freaking-fracking going. Tomorrow!!!

I’ll miss fried squash and non-frigid temperatures too, but here follows my top five most likely to be missed people, places, and things.

4. My bed.

My queen size bed won’t fit in my tiny room in Astoria. Not even without the iron head and footboard, not if I want access to my closet. I’m buying a futon so I can have more space in the room regularly and the extra bed space when I have visitors. You know, like my parents.

3. My dogs.Doggies

I can’t take my furry friends with me. Sad, sad. These dogs aren’t city dogs. My folks had talked about trying to find them a home with a bigger yard upon my leaving, but they have changed their minds for now (go team puppy dog eyes!). I’ve gotten even more attached to these dogs since living here. I’ll miss waking up with Gilbert’s head on the corner of my pillow and Abbey at my feet. Hairy bed-hogging monsters.

2. My parents.

The 'rents

They are pretty awesome people. This photo was taken before they went to see a Pink Floyd cover band at the Fox. I’ve spent more time with them since moving back than I have since… I don’t know. I think I got out more in high school. Hahaha. I’m so cool. Tonight I’ll watch Dancing With the Stars with them one last time. We like Mya.

1. My girls.Gals at the Clermont Lounge

I miss Sheeji, Jessica, and Alicia too, but I have already come to terms to their departures to Tennessee, South Carolina, and Korea. Ashley and Marissa though, not having you guys around every weekend is going to be a challenge. Who will be my wingwomen? My dogs, my parents, and these girls have been my best friends this year. I’ll miss these babes most of all.

(5. Clermont Lounge)

My favorite Atlanta nightspot. Alive since 65! (Dancers alive since 47!) Good times, always.

I’ll really miss you much.

BUT… I’m so bleepin’ excited about NYC! Yippee skippy!


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